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Little Italy - Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce


Who doesn't like Italian food? But for most of us that are leading a healthy life style and care about our figure, italian food sometimes can be a bit too much. 

Well, wait no longer to treat yourself to an Italian favorite! We call it Little Italy, not because of potion size, of course, but because of the way its made. We made with one thing in mind: to minimize all the bad ingredients. Packed with protein (turkey), good carbs (whole grain pasta) and topped with low sodium home made sauce, this meal will satisfy your taste buds for sure, without feeling guilty or breaking your diet rules!

Little Italy - Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love this dish!

Posted by Christine on Mar 22nd 2016

This meal is super flavorful and satisfying. The sauce isn't too heavy, and the meatballs are awesome.

I can feel Italy in this dish.....))

Posted by Mikhail on Jul 20th 2015

Very healthy and tasty meal... ! i have every week...! highly recommend !!!