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Weight Loss / Shredding meal Plan

Feel free to order your meal plan any day of the week.
(10oz) meal Lunch and Dinner include 60% of Protein and 40% carbs and vegetables


Weight loss menu will help you to loose weight in a short period of time and run your metabolism faster. Here you will receive in each Lunch and Dinner 60% of protein and 40% of low good carbs and vegetables. 

If you’re following a workout regimen to add muscle mass, you may want to try our Shredding plan. It’s the same delicious plan but with 2 extra oz (Lunch and Dinner) of protein to support muscular growth. 

You will change your life stile to feel better, look better and see the result on your body changing.


Weight Loss / Shredding meal Plan Reviews

Based on 10 reviews


Posted by Alan Hernandez on Sep 22nd 2018

The food is extremely delicious, every entree is different and the portion size is excellent! Everything arrives in a timely fashion, great customer service

Like always perfect option

Posted by francisco novoa on Aug 14th 2018

Like always perfect option


Posted by Jacqueline Murdocco on May 30th 2018

Affordable, Fresh, Excellent, and delicious meals. Owners are very responsive and accommodating.

love it

Posted by Estela Abich on May 30th 2018

Food is excellent! Tastes great easy to grab and eat on the go. Very fresh. Would definitely buy again.

For the business man on-the-go, this is a must

Posted by Nicholas McGirr on Dec 18th 2017

I'm a work-a-holic and if I'm not working I'm either sleeping or in the gym. I have zero time for cooking. This service is a must for me. For the past 3 -years when I'm not traveling, I had take-out delivered to me from restaurants twice a day. I did a pretty good job of eating clean this way, but when you look at just how much better you can be eating and much cheaper than restaurant take out, Athleticsfit makes perfect sense.

Deliciuos and nutriciuos

Posted by Ruslana Zhailaubayeva on Dec 5th 2017

I always thought that consuming ~1500cal per day was very hard. However, this weight loss plan makes losing weight so much easier, plus it saves so much time, since i don't have to cook or clean(which is the best). Food is good tasting, nutritious, and HEALTHY! Definitely recommend. It really helps, I lose about 2.5-3 lb per week.

Good tasting, perfect portion, balanced

Posted by Andrea Hoelscher on Jul 15th 2017

I tried Athlitic fit meals for two weeks and lost 4 pounds. I only did lunch and dinner. And it made a big difference. I was stagnant on a wait for the past six months. And the way finally started to drop. The best part about this meals is the ease and convenience. It is perfect for lunch at work and a quick dinner that is healthy and balanced. The price is comparable to hellofresh or Splendid spoon or other meal programs that I have tried in the past. But you do not have to cook athletic fit meals. It is a win-win.

good plan

Posted by Unknown on Apr 6th 2017

The portions are great. The taste is also a plus.


Posted by Indira on Nov 19th 2016

So glad I found you guys through Legacy Fit. All your meals are delicious and so healthy. You get good quality protein and just the right amount of food. The Service is top notch too, and that to me is a plus! Thank you!