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Weight Loss / Shredding meal Plan

Feel free to order your meal plan any day of the week.
(10oz) meal Lunch and Dinner include 60% of Protein and 40% carbs and vegetables
  • Protein Oatmeal cookies by Athleticsfit
  • Organic Protein Almond cookies by Athleticsfit


Weight loss menu will help you to loose weight in a short period of time and run your metabolism faster. Here you will receive in each Lunch and Dinner 60% of protein and 40% of low good carbs and vegetables. 

If you’re following a workout regimen to add muscle mass, you may want to try our Shredding plan. It’s the same delicious plan but with 2 extra oz (Lunch and Dinner) of protein to support muscular growth. 

You will change your life stile to feel better, look better and see the result on your body changing.

 Menu rotates every week! 

WEEK 10/13 - 10/19

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Weight Loss / Shredding meal Plan Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Weight loss meal plan

Posted by Maria Noda on Sep 30th 2019

Since my husband started this meal plan he went from 275 to 245 in 2 months. He started with the breakfast, lunch and dinner and then went down to just ordering lunch and dinner and still kept on losing weight. Of course he stopped drinking coke and eating fast foods but he was only able to do it because he loved the food. Small portions but delicious he says. He is very happy and I am too because I don’t have to cook. Lol.

Great taste Great taste, food is fresh and good quality. Love it

Posted by Veronica Salmon on Sep 20th 2019

Great taste
Great taste, food is fresh and good quality. Love it

Amazingly healthy and tasty meals by far !

Posted by Lymarie Zayas on Sep 20th 2019

Amazingly healthy and tasty meals by far !
I have tried many other home delivery food services. This one is the best tasting, best packaged, fresh meals yet. My husband gets bored with meals easily and he has yet to say stop ordering from Athlecticfitmeals. Thanks again. Keep up the amazing taste in all your products and delivery service is on point.

I’ve been ordering from them for over 3…

Posted by Kristi Wintermeyer on Sep 20th 2019

I’ve been ordering from them for over 3…
I’ve been ordering from them for over 3 years now. Great food with a nice variety! Always on time and packaged to retain freshness.

Awesome stuff !

Posted by Marc de Lange on Aug 10th 2019

Truly great product. Tasty and filling with broad selections and creative menus. Great fresh quality. Look forward to using AF again when I am back in Miami !

The food is delicious!

Posted by R Miller on Aug 5th 2019

The food is delicious! Every meal is a treat!!!

Excellent menu

Posted by rosy ruiz on Jul 12th 2019

Excellent menu, food, and service

Incredible meals

Posted by Josh Pollock on Jul 12th 2019

Incredible meals that have revitalized my health and elevated my fitness level to an all time high!

there are many meal plans down here in…

Posted by Penelope Garcia on Jul 12th 2019

there are many meal plans down here in Miami , Athleticsfit is by far the best. Quality, Price, taste, customer service etc. everything is on point . The best part I have lost over 30 pounds in 2 months using Athleticsfit and training with my health coach 3 times a week . Before Athleticsfit I couldn't get pass the 190 no matter how hard I worked out , my coach advised me t get a meal plan to control my portions and healthier food choices.
Athleticsfit not only provided healthy and perfectly portioned meals but they taste amazing, I never feel like I'm on a diet.

Thanks, Athleticsfit you have a customer for life.