Why is it dangerous to lose weight too fast?

Why is it dangerous to lose weight too fast?

Posted by AthleticsFit On Dec 14th 2018 In Meal Prep Miami, Weight Loss

In most cases, you decide to lose weight urgently: a couple of hours before a flight to seaside, a few days before a date with the man or woman of your dream or half an hour after a doctor warned you about your heart problems...

Or even further, you start depriving yourself... go on a cabbage-soup diet, cutting back drastically on your daily intake of calories, or venturing on an independent “therapeutic” fast. The result is not a forever. Indeed, you can get rid of 11-13 pounds in a week if you lose weight in this way. But is it worth doing? What are the risks of rapid weight loss?

Risk number one:

Crash diets can ultimately have a negative effect on your health. The lack of fat and carbohydrates throws your hormonal balance and metabolism out of whack, while disrupting your emotional health. Even if there is no health deterioration in the first six months after crash dieting, your health will decline later. Gastritis, pancreatitis, skin and liver problems, hair loss, digestive disorders, migraines, depression, insomnia are only some of the problems that people who have undergone many days of crash diets or water fast face.
The best way to improve both your health and your look is to lose 9-11 pounds a month.

Risk number two:

There is a 95% chance that you will gain your weight back, when reverting to your normal eating. In addition, crash dieting will ultimately result in additional weight gain by 20-30%. The reason lies in the stability of the fat cell. The human body is unique, and its most important feature is how it preserves its own life. It is for this reason that it stores fat. By depriving yourself of a nutritious diet, you will certainly start burning calories. However, you will not destroy fat cells. They will gradually commence to give off accumulated fat and fill up with water. After you stop dieting, your body will replenish fat with a vengeance.

A good example is a special diet for cattle aimed at getting marbled meat. According to this diet, animals are fed for three days, and for the next three days they are completely deprived of feed. For this reason, their bodies begin to store fat at a growing rate, resulting in a beautiful slab of marbled beef or pork.

Risk number three:

While you are on a crash diet, your body has no time to recover and maintain its shape. After burning fat, your body gradually starts losing muscle tissue. While in your early 20s the process of cell regeneration works fairly quickly, but after you turn 30, it becomes almost impossible for your body to recover. As a result of your extra fast weight loss journey, you will not be able to wear shorts or a tank top, because a slightly plump, but strong and toned body is much more pleasant to the eye than loose, sagging skin.

And most importantly, after crash dieting and losing about 30-40 pounds in a month your look will hardly make anyone pay you a compliment. In fact, every last one will feel sorry for you, making wild guesses about which terrible disease struck your body or which drug dependence you are trying to overcome.