What is nutrition regime and why is it important?

What is nutrition regime and why is it important?

Posted by AthleticsFit On Feb 8th 2019

A human body is a living mechanism that works according to circadian rhythms (daily biorhythms). Biorhythms govern hormonal, nervous and digestive systems. If you regularly skip breakfast or dinner, bite through junk food, the risk of digestive system diseases and obesity increases. To keep fit, it is important to follow a nutrition regime and understand its importance.

What is the main point of a nutrition regime?

Nutrition regimes involve both balanced eating in moderation and regularity. By taking food every day at the same time, you teach your body conditioning, as a result, your appetite gets promptly excited. It performs the following important function:

It regulates the time of your eating and the amount of nutrients that your body consumes. Your appetite will not let you overeat, if your diet is balanced and digestion is normal;

It prepares your digestion by increasing the production of saliva and gastric juice. Thus, the food you consume will be better digested and absorbed by your body, which will let you avoid stomach heaviness and malaise.

Circadian rhythms directly govern the digestion process. Starting from 5 am, the level of various hormones rises. It contributes to early awakening and the production of gastric juice increases. The stomach activity continues until 22:00, after which the enzymes secretion slows down, and the body prepares for falling asleep. It is for this reason that nutritionists recommend you to have dinner no later than 2-3 hours before going to sleep.

Four principles of a healthy nutrition regime

In addition to regular eating at the appointed time, you need to follow four simple rules:

Fractional eating: you need to eat at least four times a day at intervals of 3-4 hours in order to keep your metabolism healthy. Five meals a day are the most desirable regime, especially for those losing weight or gaining muscle;

Balance: two breakfasts, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner should include a complex of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to satisfy all needs of your body;

Balanced distribution of meals during the day: in the morning (7:00-9:00 am) and at lunch (at around 2:00 pm) the stomach is most active, therefore the largest meals should be eaten at the first breakfast and lunch. A serving size can reach 10-14oz, while other meals should not exceed 5-9oz.

Correct calorie distribution: in accordance with biorhythms, your body is most active in the first half of the day, so a larger fraction of daily calories should be consumed at this time.

If you find it difficult to think out your own diet regime, opt for ready-made AthleticsFit healthy meal plans. They will help you eat healthy meals anywhere, as food containers can be taken for a journey, in the office or for a walk. This option is perfect for big cities residents with a busy lifestyle.

Why do you need a nutrition regime?

As soon as you fully understand what a nutrition regime is and why you need it, you will get a motivation to stick to it. After all, regularity has plenty of benefits:

Since you will always be full, you will not need to bite through junk food or eat any other unhealthy products;

You will stop overeating;

Your digestive system will be back to normal, which is very important for curing various gastrointestinal diseases;

You will be able to control your weight by changing the energy content of your meals and sizes of your servings;

Just like proper sleeping, a nutrition regime is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is enough to think out your meal schedule and strictly stick to it for a week, and your body will stay in tune with this new rhythm.