Weekly healthy food delivery in Miami

Weekly healthy food delivery in Miami

Posted by AthleticsFit On Jan 9th 2019 In Ft.Lauderdale, Healthy Food Delivery, Healthy Meal Prep, Miami

Proper workout and balanced nutrition are the only things that will let you look young, stay healthy and active. You are incredibly lucky if you have time to cook healthy meals! You can treat yourself with various dishes every day, making your diet nutritious and balanced. However, there is also a great solution for those who are constantly on the move or at work: AthleticsFit weekly healthy food delivery services. Taking into account all the nuances of healthy eating, we have developed three meal plans suited to every fancy and goal you might pursue.

Healthy eating basics 

There are rules to any project, and your daily menu creation is no exception. You should enrich your food with a vast variety of vitamin sources (fresh vegetables and fruits), especially in cases your body suffers from severe vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Opt for boiled, stewed, baked dishes when it comes to heat treatment. Do not avoid barbeque: you can indulge yourself with smoked vegetables or meat at the weekend. In addition, follow our recommendations to create your daily menu:

Gradually reduce your salt intake. It retains water in your body, promotes edema and slows your metabolism. Do not salt your food while cooking it, and if necessary, season it when it is cooked. You can add natural lemon juice to your salads or soups, it compensates for the lack of salt and enriches your dishes with vitamin C at the same time;

Replace hot spices with mild ones and kitchen herbs that can enhance the taste of your meals without harming your digestive system;

Cut down on your animal fat consumption (butter, home-made dairy products, which are not fat-free or fat-reduced, lard);

Exclude margarine from your diet, as it contains harmful trans fats contributing to the excess weight gain;

Avoid refined sugar and sugary foods. It fills your body with empty calories, which eventually transform into fat on your abdomen, sides and thighs;

Do not deep-fry your food. If you really want pancakes or scrambled eggs, cook them in a non-stick frying pan without oil;

Smoked products and canned food are unhealthy and high in calories, so their consumption should be reduced.

Your healthy eating taboos do not end here, but these are basic rules are for anyone who wants to lose weight or build muscle. However, you can simplify your life by forgetting all the rules and restrictions, and using our weekly healthy food delivery service in Miami and Ft.Lauderdale. We deliver it twice a week, freshly prepared, on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Choose your perfect AthleticsFit diet plan

Do you want to eat regularly, pamper yourself with desserts and food delights, and stay slim? We will make your dream come true. Choose one of our three meal plans and enjoy yourself!

Weight Loss Meal Plan: three meals daily with a calorie intake of about 900 kcal per day will help you to loose weight in a short period of time and run your metabolism faster. Here you will receive in each Lunch and Dinner 60% of protein and 40% of low good carbs and vegetables.;

Traditional Meal Plan: recommended for people who want to eat clean, healthy, tasty and balanced food. Never frozen. Never canned. Just beautifully prepared to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds with less than 400 calories per meal.;

Custom meal plan: is a great choice for those who want to eat clean and healthy but still be able to choose protein, carbs and vegetables preferred. Here you have a huge variety of combinations of your choice. Based on your order calories will be counted for you so you can track your daily consumption.;

If you cannot make a choice contact our operator in the online chat or request a call back. We will call you back to answer any questions regarding meal plans, their energy content and delivery time.

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