Fake "Healthy" Snacks

Fake "Healthy" Snacks

Posted by AthleticsFit On May 27th 2020

Healthy eating can be a huge challenge when you’re constantly being tempted by sweet or salty unhealthy snacks. Do you know what’s even worse? Indulging in supposedly healthier alternatives that aren’t healthy snacks at all.What are healthy snacks? For a snack to be healthy, it has to be high in nutritional value, for example protein, vitamins, mineral, fiber etc, but it has to be low in calories, trans fats, refined sugar and sodium. Take a close look at snacks’ ingredients list that would also reveal substances that many people would struggle to pronounce. Steer away from any food with a health claim on the front of the package. In the same way that really famous people don’t have to walk around telling everyone how famous they are, truly healthy food doesn’t go around shouting about it. Have you ever seen a bunch of kale with a “low fat” sticker? Look at the package, avoid products with labels like enriched, fat-free, only 100 calories, all natural, zero grams fat.

One of the fake healthy snacks are whole wheat crackers. The main issue with them is the majority of them contain a mixture of bleached or non-bleached refined grains. They also contain gluten. Energy Bars are the perfect healthy snack, especially if you’re eating for energy and maintain an active lifestyle, right? We are sorry to burst that bubble for you, but so many energy bars are packed with fructose corn syrup, sugars, sodium and trans-fats and/or saturated fats. The few healthy ingredients they contain don’t cancel out the bad ones. Same for granola and cereal bars.

These are just very few examples.

By reading this line, you have probably dumped all the unhealthy snacks from your house and began to look into suitable replacements. Here are some healthy snack ideas for your:

- Hummus dip and veggie sticks - high in healthy fats and will help to curb their appetite. (Homemade hummus with fresh vegetables in AF menu).

- Nuts- packed with healthy fats and help with satiety (roasted mixed nuts and dried apricots n AF menu).

- Cottage cheese- high in protein, very filling, and full-fat varieties boast conjugated linoleum acid(CLA), a fatty acid linked to health benefits (low fat cottage cheese sliders or syrniki in AF menu)

- Berries- cause it doesn’t have to be complicated and just a small amount of berries can be incredibly satisfying (wild berries and nuts in AF menu).

- Protein pudding- studies show that whey protein can help you gain muscle, lose fat, and improve body composition (high protein jelly in AF menu)

We do know the idea of healthy snacks and we included it in our snack and dessert menu. Yes, we do also offer healthy desserts, seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

Nothing in our menu comes from the bag, everything is prepared from scratch to ensure quality. Cause we care about what your body consumes.


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