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High Protein Jelly - 3.5 Oz.


High Protein Jelly, Fat-Free, Low carbohydrates, Low Sugars, Pure Protein,
Healthy delight - 3.5 Oz.

A. Strawberry
B. Cookies & Cream

• Under 100 calories
• Low carbs, sugars & fat
• Lean muscle mass builder
• Made with Pure Protein
• Healthiest delight on earth


60 calories| 12 g of protein ☄ ProBoom is a high protein jelly bomb with more
than 12 g of protein, less than 1 g of carbohydrates per 100 g, and fat - free. It is
considered to be a great supplement as a post workout, a healthy snack and a
guilty- free delight full of protein. It won’t spoil your macros at all!

Do you train or exercise? Well, You must know this! Exercise requires healthy
muscles, and protein in your diet is important for providing the building blocks of
your body (called amino acids) to repair, maintain and build muscle.
You can help with muscle recovery by consuming a snack containing both protein
and carbohydrate after exercise! So why don't taking PROBOOM after an
exhausted work out! It is delicious, healthy, and a BOMB of pure protein!
Great help to your diet! It will give you that extra help in your diet for achieving
your goal of protein per day! If you are looking on having that six pack ,
PROBOOM will be your answer; it will boost your body and help you on getting
fast results!

Sometimes proteic bars have a lot of sugars, carbs, and a lot of calories, they
WILL SPOIL YOUR MACROS, but you don't want that right? Don't worry!
PROBOOM got you! More than being a HIGH PROTEIC bomb, It has low
calories, low carbs, low sugars, and fat free! It is just perfect and the best of all is
that it WON'T SPOIL YOUR MACROS! In the contrary, it will help you on your


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