The best way to time your meals for weight loss

The best way to time your meals for weight loss

Posted by AthleticsFit On Jun 20th 2019

Losing excess weight in anticipation of the beach season is a dream of many women and men. Various short-term diets may seem to be a quick fix giving a visible result, however the lost weight will quickly return as soon as you are back to your normal eating. The problem lies in a wrong dietary regimen, based on calorie restriction or on fasting. It is only a balanced diet with a proper meal timing, which is able to help you get the body of your dream. Eating healthy food rich in nutrients and vitamins will let you see the first results within a few weeks.

Why timing your meals is good for your health?

The human body needs to be set on a schedule, which applies to everything from meals and sleep cycles to training and awakening time. Sticking to a certain schedule every day will let you feel vigorous and cheerful, improve your digestion, increase your stamina and athletic performance. Meal timing is very important for losing weight:

Firstly, your body will prepare your stomach for food intake in advance. In this way, it will be able to properly digest your meal and help your body completely replenish vitamins and beneficial micro and macronutrients;

Next, a sense of satiety will last longer, which will help you prevent impulsive snacking;

Lastly, it will help you organize your working day and training, which is a must for everyone whose goal is a slim body with elastic, toned skin.

Remember that your meal timing depends on your working schedule. It is only you who determines the time of your breakfast or dinner, but be sure to follow our recommendations:

Split your meals, that is eat in small portions up to 10oz at least five times a day. Desirable timing: first breakfast - 8 am, second breakfast - 10:30 am, lunch - 1:30 pm, snack - 4 pm, dinner - 6:30 pm;

The interval between meals should not exceed 4 hours. Regular violation of this regime will be stressful for your body and, consequently, will slow down your metabolism and lead to fat accumulation;

Another important rule is eating primarily protein foods two or three hours before bedtime as your last meal. This rule is valid even if you are a night owl.

What should be a healthy meal plan for weight loss?

A rational meal plan will be efficient and beneficial for your health, if you additionally count the calories and the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. AthleticsFit has developed several effective nutrition plans.

In addition to sticking to a day regimen and healthy nutrition you should regularly engage in aerobic activities. Jogging, swimming, dancing, Pilates and other types of training will be helpful at getting rid of fat deposits and getting yourself into shape for the summer season!