Fresh ingredients
Always Fresh, never frozen. Cook on day of delivery.
Distributing the finest quality and most effective nutritional meals.
Delivery to your door Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 6pm-11pm.
No GMO, NO Antibiotics Only High quality ingredients.

Weekly Meal Plans

Chef-prepared healthy meals delivered fresh to you. We are using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients to prepare your meal. For customer satisfaction, our menu changes weekly for the sake of variety. We are constantly researching and experimenting to be able to bring you the most enjoyable meal plan and provide you the best result.

Our nutritionist breaks down and counts calories for you, offering you three different packages based on your goal for any type of fitness condition from Beginner to Professional.

Weight Loss
900 Cal \ per 3 meals
1400 Cal \ per 3 meals
1800 Cal \ per 3 meals

Custom Meals

We know that every person is unique with different requirements, which is why we create a custom menu to build your own diet. We provide 700+ meal combinations and have become the number one custom meal provider in South Florida.

You can choose the size of your favorite protein, carbs, and vegetables for each meal with a high quality of product ingredients. All products come lean, with no preservatives, GMO, or antibiotics. Also, you can buy each ingredient by the pound. For vegetarian lovers, we create custom vegetarian options.

Choose Ingredients
By The Pound
Order by pounds
Special Ingredients

Signature Menu

AthleticsFit signature meals are inspired by different cultures and countries, with our own twist to make sure they are nutritional and healthy. Enjoy your Italian favorites, Mediterranean flavors and American classics with no guilt because we made sure all the ingredients are great sources of fiber, protein, good carbs and other essential nutrients.

We believe a healthy lifestyle starts from a young age, which is why we have build options for kids to make parenthood way easier.

by AthleticsFit
Detox Juices
by AthleticsFIt
Snacks & Dessert
by AthleticsFit
1. Order our Weight loss plan or Balanced plan from our extensive chef-created menus, or build our own meals from our Custom menu.
2. Our team of culinary experts prepares only the finest ingredients for your meals to reach your goal.
3. The meals are delivered fresh right to your doorstep on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 11pm (the first delivery for meal plans is always the first Sunday after your order is placed).
4. Our fully-prepared meals are ready to eat in 1-2 minutes. Enjoy delicious, healthy and tasty meals in your home, place of business, or on the go!

Common Questions

How does delivery work?

We deliver 3 times per week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) from 5 pm to 10 pm. Price is $20 weekly and there is a $5 refundable deposit for an insulated bag for each order.

On the next delivery night, just leave your bag with ice packs outside your door, and they'll switch it out with more deliciously healthy meals. Let us know if there are special instructions when delivering to you (gate code, dog in the yard, etc.)

Do you have a deadline to order?

YES, THE PROGRAM ALWAYS STARTS ON MONDAY. THE ORDER DEADLINE IS FRIDAY MIDNIGHT. Custom meals and the signature menu should be placed two days prior to the next delivery. (Exp: To receive your meals on Tuesday, orders must be placed by Sunday at midnight.)

Do you have a discount for new members?

Yes, we know that the first step is easier to make with discounts! We provide 15% OFF for our new members with their first order with the code "NEWFIT"

How do I heat and store my meals?

Our meals are freshly prepared on the day of delivery and delivered to you with insulated bags and packs of ice. We recommend transferring your meals to the fridge upon receiving them. They will stay fresh for three days. To keep our meals longer, put them in the freezer, where they can stay fresh for two weeks.

To heat our meals, simply open the box and heat it in the microwave for two minutes. Remove all unheatable items from the container (exp: sauce containers, vacuum bags, and garnish).